Relax with Friends @ Café Escondido

A chilled out place to meet and make friends!

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Full Bar From 10:30am-3pm!

With cocktails, coffee, sweet treats, and snacks!

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Try Paddle Boarding!

Looking to see Roatan from a different perspective? Try Paddle Boarding, its a workout and a fun water sport.

Great Coffee!

Our coffee is organically grown in Copan, Honduras. Easy on the stomach and tastes great in any coffee drink!

Daily Diver Deals!

Always for only $5! These will get you energized for your dives.

Community Yoga

Ask about any Yoga sessions happening during the week.

Café /ca·fe, kaˈfā, kəˈfā/ noun 1. a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks. synonyms: coffee shop, tea room; 2. (NORTH AMERICAN) a bar or nightclub.

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